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the first phantom quiet storm from 2000 and game that start it all since early beginning 21st century.

a Superhero Action game with the iconic 11 year old masked suit and blue tie wearing crusader detective and his partner and ally the iconic popular androgynous half female bat karolina fighting crime from the force of the evil syndicate Reverse Cross (Hells Followers) from bringing murder and massacre to the world and NYC the big apple the city that always wakes up. Quiet Storm and K.Shadebat must fight off against the reverse cross villains to see save the cities and home town for Justice and Peace and love & Equality. 

phantom quiet storm's story is an Mature/Adult theme story that involves dark criminal murders, brutal violence, Sexual Erotic anthropomorphic humanoid animal relation that're only adapted in the adult seinen manga series and media for the mature audience only and it's never for children and minors.

you can download the demo version of the game.

Player 1


Arrow Keys: Movement

A - Projectile

S- Melee attacks

hold-S Key: Target Shoot 

D Jump

Z- Special Blow out Attack

Enter -Start and Restore Character when lives are 0

Player 2

Down Arrow Key- Phantasm dodge

Num lock mode 8,4,6,5: Movement

H - Projectile

J- Melee attacks

hold-J Key: Target Shoot 

K- Jump

N- Special Blow out Attack

Down Arrow Key- Phantasm dodge

Numlock Delete-Start and Restore Character when lives are 0


Phantom Quiet Storm-

Gender Male:

Eric Storson is The Main Character & Child Super hero Protagonist of The Series born in Oct,15,1989 He’s an 11 year old African American Kid with a Caucasian accent who is calm, aware & a smart kid after his Parents Died by Swat gang, Eric was Lonely saw his Parents got Killed by Watching the News

He is now in a Rich home with a Maid who Took care of Him then He was taken to Summer Camp and Made Friends met a bunch of Bullies in that Night

Bully Name Yensid Told Eric to go to a Cave so see what’s in there then Eric Saw Text words in Black since the late 1920's where it all happened.

Then a Black Shadow Came to Eric then Nothing Happened to Eric then that Shadow Gave Him Phantasm powers then he met Karolina the shade bat as a friend to him. Then he got out of the Cave

in one piece and then Later Eric Saw Crimes that are committed through everywhere then transforms with his Phantom Sunglasses Said “Time to “Quiet things out.” that able to make him transform into phantom quiet storm the young night Crusader who put right to Confront wrong doings he’s also an accurate Melee Fighter who relies dodging and counter attacks and very accurate martial artist. 

His Personality is Stoic,Sh-rowed,Calm,Intelligent,Cautionary,Consistent,Technical & a Cunning Vigilant with sense of Justice

Karolina Shadebat-

Gender: Fem-Half (Female/half male)

Karolina is a 25 year old Female Black Bat Born in Sep,7, 1974

She's Eric's Partner in Crime Who Fallows Eric Where Ever He Goes She's with Him in Spirit. Karolina's ability is to turn to a shadow. invisibility. Shade out Light  turn her arms and legs & bat wings are blades to fight off enemies. Flight. enhance speed in shadow form. Karolina cast energy blades on her enemies.

She's a Hermaphrodite Female Bat  a gynomorph humanoid  who Loves Female/New half  Adult Humanoid Content & Loves to Have intercourse with them anytime that's one of Her abilities Called Obsession which is the ability when her is Heart Beating Her male orgasm feels Erections with other humanoid Female & Touches them with Black tattooed Marks on them and Shred all of their Clothes off and Started to do Mating with them and any Female Animal Humanoid Body she Craves then after the mating is in a Higher to get release their Comfort to erase their evil intention and destroys evil influences from their heads.

Her Personally Sweet,Kind Heart,Comfort,Ease minded,Sadistic,Animalistic Sexually Overtone Feminizing Herm Bat.

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Release date Dec 29, 2000
Rated 2.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorTakeshi games Productions
Made withClickteam Fusion, FL Studio
TagsCyberpunk, Fantasy, henshin, Multiplayer, noire, phantom-quiet-storm, quiet-storm, Sci-fi, Superhero
Average sessionAbout an hour
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
InputsKeyboard, Joystick
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast
MultiplayerLocal multiplayer
Player count1 - 2
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